Introduction + Interview with Trainman1405!

Hello Penguin! I’m Pingui 2045, and I’m main owner of this website, today i will tell you some things about this website.
First of all: I will post “Rare” Sneak peeks only (Example: New item that will come out or new room.)
Second Thing: Interviews with Famous Penguins such as Trainman1405, Chrisdog93, Monchocho, saraapril and many other Penguins, hopefully they will respond 😀
Three:  News on website and club penguin.
That is it, now sit back and read this Interview with Trainman1405!

1) What is your Favorite mascot On club penguin? Why?
A: Sensei is my favourite mascot. I like him because he’s wise and is not on Club Penguin too much.
2) How many Puffles do you have in your igloo?
A: I think I have two, I don’t actually know on the top of my head.
3) What is your favourite Mini-game on Club Penguin?
A: My favourite game on Club Penguin is probably Puffle Rescue. It used to be Card-Jitsu and Cart Surfer, but the more I play Puffle Rescue, the more fun I realise it is.
4) Did you enjoy Last party?
A: Yes! It was a lot of fun.
5) Do you like blogging? Why?
A: Yes I really like blogging. I like it because I enjoy writing and connecting with others through expressing my thoughts.
6) How many friends do you have (On Club Penguin)?
A: I have 829 friends on Club Penguin.
7) What is your Favorite Mod? Why?
A: Polo Field! He’s very friendly and helpful and I’ve known him for several years, before most people knew him.
8) Who is better? Billybob or Spike Hike?
A: Billybob.
9) What is your favourite Club Penguin Song?
A: Cool in the Cold is my favourite Club Penguin song because I like holiday music and it’s very catchy.
10) What is your Favorite Singer (In real Life)?
A: Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October.
11) What is your favourite Song (In real life)?
A: The Feel Again (stay) by Blue October.
12) what is your favourite igloo?
A: The Split Level Igloo. (Blue) I like it because there are all sorts of ways to decorate it.
13) What is your favourite party on club penguin?
A: The Halloween Parties are my favourite.
and last one:
14) what is your favorite Item On club penguin? (Any item you like. It can be 1-8 items)
A: The items I usually wear (Red Suede Jacket, 1st Anniversary Party Hat, Sandals, Black Mask, and Blue Lei) are my favourite items.
Thank you Trainman1405 ! I Hope you enjoyed reading this interview, because next interview will be with… You decide:

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