There is Millions of Rumors on club penguin:
Gold Puffle, Hot Pink Puffle, Grey Puffle, Rainbow Puffle, Rainbow Penguin and more other Rumors.

Today we are going to look at… Rainbow Puffle.

Many of you guys who read Trainman1405’s blog, Club Penguin CP, You probably heard of a Rumor that Rainbow puffle is the next puffle on Club Penguin…

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 8.27.49 PM

↑Screenshot From Club Penguin Memories↑

Is that a rainbow Puffle? I mean It doesn’t even looks like Rainbow Puffle, however It looks like green puffle wearing New Puffle hat. However back in November 2012 – December 2012, Herbert P. Bear posted about his “Fail”

unfortunately i can’t find this Newspaper Report, but in that newspaper report it said, that Herbert is going to give Rainbow Puffle , 1000,0000 coins to every penguin that will stop throwing parties, dance and throw snowballs!
I can’t remember the whole report, but i do know that this was, somewhere in November 2012.

So, what do you think? Is it a rainbow Puffle? Or is just a green puffle wearing new hat? Let me know in coments

¬Pingui 2045


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